Katy Perry Is Treating John Mayer Like a Piece of Meat

Katy Perry & John Mayer

They already seem like sort of a mismatched couple, so I guess it really shouldn't come as a big shock that Katy Perry is being accused of using John Mayer for sex. (Gasp!)

Yes, I said she's using him, not the other way around as you'd expect, given his track record with women. And you know what? The whole idea of Katy taking John for a fun ride to satisfy her post-divorce urges really doesn't sound that far fetched to me. Because no woman in her right mind would actually think of hooking up with John Mayer in the hopes of starting any kind of lasting relationship. It's no big secret that commitment really just isn't his thing -- and I'm guessing that's what drew Katy to him in the first place.


She's still nursing her wounds from her failed marriage to Russell Brand, so finding a guy to rebound with who is "safe" absolutely makes sense. And by safe, I mean someone who she can hang out with and have oodles of fun with between the sheets without feeling tied down or God forbid falling head over heels in love.

But while John's a sure bet when it comes to the perfect bedroom buddy, there's always the chance that he could do a complete 180 and fall super hard for Katy. Think about it for a minute -- how funny would it be if he finds himself completely in love with her and then winds up being kicked to the curb because she's the one who isn't ready for anything serious?! It would certainly give him a much needed taste of his own medicine. The list of women he's left heartbroken is long and includes some pretty well-known names, many of whom would probably get a good chuckle out of the idea of Katy treating him like a piece of meat.

If I had to guess, I'd say this "romance" will be fairly short lived, and if Katy is indeed only with John because she wants a good roll in the hay now and then? More power to her. This is the perfect time in her life to let her wild side hang out a bit before diving head first back into anything long-term. Huh -- "Mayer before marriage" sounds like it could be it's own form of therapy, doesn't it?

Do you think Katy and John are the real deal?


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