Mom Poisons Father of Her Child With Visine to Get His Attention

Vicki Jo MillsOne of the nice things about being in a relationship is that when you're sick, there's someone there to take care of you. Your significant other gets you tea with honey or brings you chicken soup or runs errands for you. Especially if other parts of the relationship are lacking, sickness can be a time for intense bonding between couples. It could be so nice, in fact, that one Pennsylvania woman allegedly decided that it would be best if her boyfriend, who is the father of her child, was sick all the time.


Thurman Nesbitt had been on and off sick for years, suffering from nausea, blood pressure problems, and trouble breathing.

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After Nesbitt's doctor ran some tests, he discovered something unusual -- Nesbitt's blood contained high levels of tetrahydrozoline, a chemical found in eye drops. No word on what led police to think it was Nesbitt's girlfriend who was spiking his water with eye drops, but reportedly after she was brought to the station, she fessed up. She'd put Visine into her boyfriend's water up to a dozen times over three years.

Did Vicki want the father of her child dead? Did she hate him? Was she after money? Nope. Why she did it is a doozy. According to police, Vicki was spiking her boyfriend's water with Visine because she wanted him to pay more attention to her.

Vicki seemed to think making her man ill would get her more attention than making him happy. Who knows, it probably did. While Nesbitt was repeatedly sick, he probably couldn't live his normal life, go to work, see his friends, etc. Which left plenty of time for Vicki. Wow, what a brilliant -- albeit horrifically dysfunctional -- way to get attention.

Ladies, if your man isn't paying enough attention to you, and no amount of talking about it or therapy is helping, then you can either suck it up or you can end the relationship. If you ever find yourself tempted to put Visine anywhere other than your own eyes, exit the drug store immediately and get professional help.

Do you feel closer to your man when he's sick?

Image via Franklin County Jail

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