Sleeping on Your Stomach Is an Easy Way to Have Sexy Dreams

kitten sleepingWanna have sexy dreams? Don't bother with some crazy, dream-programming app, and to hell with aroma therapy candles and or silk lingerie, all you need to do is lie on your stomach. New research out of Hong Kong survey 670 students and found that those who slept on their stomachs had more erotic dreams than the lame-o side and back sleepers. On the flip side, they also reported having more dreams about persecution and being locked up, but shh. Let's just focus on the positive.

So what's the science behind the stomach sleepers having all the nighttime fun?


Researchers hypothesize that sleeping on one's stomach constricts airflow to the brain, which can result in a feeling of being restricted. And maybe being restricted, aka restrained, is a turn-on for some sleeping beauties?

If you've been hearing all about how Fifty Shades of Grey has given your friends incredible dreams, and you have yet to experience a sexy-time slumber, maybe swivel from your side to your stomach. Get one of those stomach-sleeper pillows at IKEA, hit the lights, and enjoy.

It's a shame if you're pregnant -- I can't imagine that sleeping on your stomach would be particularly comfortable when you've got a child growing inside of you, but who knows, maybe you've cut a stomach-sized hole in your mattress. I hear, see number 39, that women can get pretty horny when they're pregnant ... maybe a good stomach sleep is all one really needs to feel satisfied, in more ways than one, when they wake up.

Even though the study only tracked, in research terms, a handful of people, it's cool to "know" that sleep positions have an effect on our dreams. No word on what back sleepers are prone to envision in their sleep, but if this case study of one (me!) is any indication, they dream a lot about cheese, meeting Kate Middleton, and I'll be honest, Justin Bieber makes more appearances than I'm really willing to admit.

Are you a stomach sleeper who has sexy dreams?


Photo via Ollie Crafoord/Flickr

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