5 Dating Deal-Breakers Too Bizarre to Believe

Ericka Sóuter | Aug 12, 2012 Love & Sex

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Not long ago, I read a story about some reality star who said they would kick a guy to the curb if he couldn't sing. It's a total deal-breaker as far as she is concerned. Now, I am all for having standards of some kind. Your man should be what you need and want him to be -- within reason.

Some requirements just seem utterly ridiculous. I'm not talking about wanting a guy with ambition, family values, a job, teeth. Some things are non-negotiable. Some things, however, shouldn't even be an issue at all. I know someone who won't date anyone who eats mayonnaise. Just the thought of it makes her nauseous. It's crazy to me. I just don't see why a condiment would keep you from a potentially great guy. She's not alone, though. After a completely unscientific poll, I've learned lots of women have wacky rules for prospective mates.

Check out 5 of the most insane deal-breakers you'll ever hear about:

Know any other other outrageous deal-breakers?


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  • He Hates Rom Coms


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    I have a friend who is considering cutting her current boyfriend loose because he hates romantic comedies. He refuses to take part in her  Jennifer Aniston-Katherine Heigl addiction. It drives her nuts that he only wants to see arty, foreign films. They actually argue about it all the time.

  • Cigarette Brand


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    A woman once told me she could never get serious with this guy because of the type of cigarettes he bought. It wasn't because he was a smoker, mind you -- she was too. She just thought his budget brand ciggies were an embarrassment.

  • Clear Nail Polish


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    Guys who opt for clear lacquer are a complete turn-off for a lot of women. Apparently it goes too far beyond the typical -- and acceptable -- metrosexual manscaping.

  • Too Educated


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    I have a pal who hates guys who seem too academic. She wants them to be smart, just not act that way. Her fear is that people will think she's dating a nerd. 

  • The Way He Chews


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    Yes, hearing someone chew like a cow can be annoying but is it worth giving a guy the boot? For some folks, it is a fault that is impossible to overlook.

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