Photographer's Candid Shot of Romantic Proposal Leads to a Real-Life Cinderella Story (VIDEO)

proposalSeems like these days, you just can't propose or be proposed to without some  photographer shutterbugging from afar, then attempting to seek you out Missed Connections-style online! No, really -- this seems to be a growing trend! Just one month after an amateur photographer took shots of a military couple getting engaged, then sought them out online, a Texas-based photographer named Patrick Lu secretly captured another couple's marriage proposal.

Lu was biking home with a friend when they spotted a couple in the middle of a proposal on the lawn of the Austin, Texas capital building. That's when Lu pulled out his camera and caught the romantic moment. Later on, Lu posted posted the image on Reddit, asking, "Did any of you propose at the capital last night?" And get this ...


Somehow, the future groom, Joel Bush, caught wind of the Reddit post, and responded excitedly by tweeting:

WHAT THE WHAT!… Thank you, Internet, @reddit, and @imgur. cc @jenniferkorr @alexisohanian @mattstrader @KatManalac

And later to someone who inquired about the story ...

@kentnichols I didn't arrange photos. The Internet took care of it for us:…. Pretty amazing, eh?

Joel's response to Lu?

Yep, you found us. Amazing. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. What an incredible photo. Thanks, Patrick. What a gift you’ve all given us.

Awww. So awesome. Now, not only will Joel and his bride-to-be Jen Orr be able to look back on the moment she said yes -- thanks to the gorgeous photo -- but they'll have this incredible, modern day Cinderella story about how the photographer who conducted an candid "engagement session" tracked them down thanks to the magic of the Internet. This is definitely one of those stories that reminds us what a small world it is -- and, sometimes, a really sweet one, too.

Check out this local news story featuring Joel, Jen, and Patrick Lu ...


How totally heartwarming is this?

Image via Patrick Lu/Flickr

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