Paying for Crooked Teeth Is the New Bikini Wax (VIDEO)

japanese tooth trendThere's an interesting trend in Japanese culture called "yaeba", where women go into dentist offices and have their canine teeth enhanced. The idea is to make those teeth look somehow under-developed, which, in turn, makes the woman appear more youthful. When I first read about this, I thought the motivation behind yaeba was to make oneself look more like a vampire, Twilight trend and all, but no. Evidently, it's all about looking younger, which begs the question: why is looking like a little girl considered sexy?


This isn't the same as Botox or a face lift, which can take 10 years off a woman's visage. That kind of youth-enhancing treatment is different from this procedure, which makes patients look like youths. Yaeba occurs naturally when baby teeth are delayed -- baby teeth. That kind of "youth."

I'll concede that it's a girlish look, but something about the yaeba is a little off-putting. Besides its similarity to vampire teeth, it also feels weird to me that women are choosing to buy their imperfections, rather than celebrating the ones they already have.

This isn't the first we've heard of cosmetic procedures that may or may not promote the sexualization of pre-pubescent girls; many women get full bikini waxes, another pre-pubescent signature.

Watch the yaeba video and sound off in the comments -- do you think it promotes the sexualization of young girls?


Photo via dsp2519/YouTube

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