Trojan Pleasure Carts Serving Up Free Vibrators Are Kicked to the Curb

trojan pulseTalk about a buzzkill! We were all set to take advantage of Trojan's NYC two-day sex toy giveaway (here at The Stir's conveniently located Big Apple HQ), but the party was over before we could even track down one of those magical, free vibrator-filled "pleasure carts" parked around the city. All together now: "Thanks a lot, Mayor Bloomberg!"

That's right, only an estimated 400 Tri-Phoria and Pulse products were given away (Trojan was hoping to part with 10,000) before some City Hall bigwig came along and pulled the plug (or removed the batteries, to be more accurate) because, apparently, "too many people" were gathered. Sheesh! I believe one of the many hopeful women forced to walk away empty-handed said it best:

"There’s a lot more important things the city should be worried about than a free-vibrator giveaway. Bloomberg doesn’t want anyone to have fun. You can't have a giant soda, you can’t have a vibrator." 


She makes a good point. Because unlike soda, vibrators aren't bad for you. And anyway, there are carts parked all over the city selling the very high-fat/sodium/sugar foods Bloomberg is supposedly fighting against -- but nobody's shutting those down. What gives?

I have to wonder: Would these carts have met with the same resistance if they were giving away Trojan condoms instead of Trojan vibrators? I doubt it. Not because the powers-that-be are comfortable doing anything to promote -- gasp -- sex, but because it makes them look bad when they turn up their noses at preventative measures in the interest of public health.

Whereas vibrators don't do anything useful (in their eyes). Who cares about women having orgasms?

Damn. I bet certain people's wives/girlfriends wish they had one of those vibrators right about now.

What do you think about Trojan's free vibrator stunt?


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