The 5 Most Embarrassing Ways to Get Dumped

post itGetting dumped is never easy. Deep down you may have always known he was no Mr. Right, but you didn't expect him to pull the trigger first.

It's devastating -- and not just because he beat you to the punch. How he kicks you to the curb is just as significant as why. Who could forget Carrie Bradshaw getting dropped by boyfriend Jack Berger via Post-It on Sex and the City. Mortifying, right?

Believe it or not, it can be worse. Guys too cowardly to pick up the phone will use any method available to avoid an awkward, face-to-face chat.

Check out five seriously embarrassing ways guys break up with their girlfriends.


What is the crappiest way you've been dumped or dumped by someone?


Image via rhonogle/Flickr