8 Things Men Are Most Insecure About

It's weird to think that men could have insecurities. I mean, in my HEAD I understand it, but in reality, I can't quite seem to wrap my brain around it. Most women I know are their own worst critics -- they'll pick apart everything about themselves from head to toe (and ladies, you're beautiful as you are -- don't forget that).

But guys? Guys seem immune to insecurities. I mean, okay, there is a large percentage of men who apparently suffer from eating disorders, so I'd guess that looking good does matter to most of us.

I did some digging and found out the things men are most insecure about. Some of them might surprise you ...


1) The size of his penis. Thanks to the Internet and the large amount of free pornography on it, men are more insecure about their penises than ever. Remember, guys, it's all about the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat.

2) His abdominal muscles. Doesn't matter if a guy avoids the gym like the plague, having a "beer keg" rather than a six-pack can make even the most secure men feel bad about themselves.

3) Rejection. Most men would rather be the ones doing the dumping than the ones being dumped. They despise it when a girl beats them to the punch.

4) His butt. Most guys have flat butts. It's something I personally find cute, but it goes to show you that not all girls think like me, or guys wouldn't feel insecure about having flat butts.

5) Losing his hair. Many men have male pattern baldness. It's nature, not nurture, but for a guy trying to pick up a chick? Well, he's apt to be embarrassed that he's no longer sporting a full head of hair.

6) Getting older. While there's an entire skincare line devoted to women who are aging, men don't have a whole lot to work with when it comes to getting older. Guys associate manliness with looking younger, which is why so many men are starting to use Botox.

7) His hands. Some guys feel that their hands are too ... something. Either they're too delicate looking, too rough, too smooth -- you name it.

8) Facial hair. The new look for dudes is rugged with facial hair, which is great unless it grows in patchy. Then it just makes you look a little strange. Guys know it and they hate it.

Anything else you can think of that guys are insecure about?


Image via An Honorable German/Flickr

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