Your Eyes May Reveal Whether You’re Gay or Straight

eyeSo much for the eyes being a window to your soul. Those pupils are more likely to give someone a peep into your sexual preferences than anything else. Turns out, pupil dilation indicates whether you are gay or straight, according to researchers at Cornell University.

Show someone an erotic image and their pupils will open up if they become aroused. Well, so much for pretending that waiter serving you and your hubby dinner is not the hottest guy on earth. And dudes on the Down Low can forget about keeping that secret any longer if these scientists are right.


Gay, straight, or bi-sexual, the eyes apparently won't lie. It's a completely involuntary reaction and, therefore, can't be suppressed as easily as a lusty grin.

Interesting research, but a little too invasive, don't you think? Now people have to worry about their eyes outing them. Even worse, some folks will probably read the signs all wrong. They'll start assuming people are gay, who are not. Or some guy will think you are turned on by him, even when that couldn't be further from the truth. Geez! As if dating wasn't hard enough!

I guess I am old fashioned in that I think we shouldn't use tricks to find out someone's sexual orientation. If they don't want us to know, it's none of our business. And if you are not sure whether some guy you like is straight or gay, I have this sage bit of advice from my Granny Ethel Smith: If you have to ask, just move on.

What do you think of this study? Do you buy it?


Image via neuroticcamel/Flickr

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