Brad Pitt Is Planning the Most Gorgeous Wedding for Angelina Jolie

brad pitt angelina jolieBeing engaged to Brad Pitt has its perks. One, you're engaged to Brad Pitt, and two, Brad Pitt will do all the wedding planning for you! At least so says Great Britain's The Sun. According to the paper, Angelina Jolie can't be bothered with random nuptial minutiae, like which placemats to use and which hymns should be sung. But Brad, on the other hand, is all about it. He wants their intimate 20-person wedding, which is to take place at the end of September at their home in France (of course), to be perfect. He even got a subscription to The Knot!


Kidding. I mean, maybe he did, I don't know? There's no mention of that anywhere on the Internet, so it's probably not true, right? Anyway!

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This actually is one tabloid story with quotes from a "source" that I tend to believe. I feel like over the years we've been hearing about how Brad is super interested in design and architecture, etc. So why not a wedding? Plus, Angelina doesn't really seem like the type to pour over swatches of ecru napkins in hopes of finding the perfect robin's egg blue. So, yeah, I'm buying this one.

Brad and Angie's planning process may not be how things typically go down in the world of weddings, but it sounds like it's a perfect set-up for them. Sure, it's usually the lady who takes the reins in the wedding planning department, but it doesn't really sound like Angelina gives a rat's -- and Brad does -- so, do you, guys. I'm sure the nuptials will be incredibly gorgeous. Just as they should be. Just like the two of them.

Who did the majority of your wedding planning?

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