Hotter, Stormier Weather Makes for Steamier Sex

young couple kissing rainSpring fever isn't a lie. Some seasons really do get us in the mood to get it on! (Studies even show people watch porn in early summer more than other times of the year. Ha!) But would you have ever guessed that bad weather actually makes us hornier?! That's what those sex pros over at Trojan say they found in a recent study.

Apparently, 70 percent of Americans have had sex during tornadoes and thunderstorms. Huh. Interesting ... Is there something about torrential downpours, high winds, hail, etc. that is making us want to get Fifty Shades freaky?!


Nah, I would venture to guess it has more to do with being cooped up inside. I mean, once you've caught up on True Blood eps, what else are you going to do? And sure, having sex during stormy weather can be super romantic. (Come on -- who doesn't want to reenact the scene from The Notebook?) Not to mention that it definitely feels a little risky to get frisky when lightning and thunder is raging outside. Hawt!

Oh yeah, and speaking of hot ... Steamy, sticky, sweaty days -- like the one we're having right now in the NYC area! -- might be a major turn-on, too. Hotter, wetter (mmm hmm, that's right) environments were found to influence the amount of sex people have. For instance, Miami residents have sex an average of 102 times a year while people in Minneapolis (obviously much cooler most of the year) only have sex 64 times a year. Bummer for them!

Then again, when temps are too high, 35 percent of people say "it's too darn hot" to their honey and pass on a hook-up. Meanwhile, 66 percent could care less if it's snowing, sleeting, raining, or as humid as gorilla breath outside. If they're gonna have sex, they're gonna have it! But hey, if inclement weather offers an excuse to do it even more often, why not?!

How do you think the weather affects your sex life?

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