The 9 Most Aggravating Husband Household Fails (PHOTOS)

Let me start this post by stating that I love my husband very, very much. He's a great man, a great partner, and a great father. He possesses many exemplary qualities, not the least being his ability to put up with me and all my annoying habits (chronic sinus sniffling, inability to screw the peanut butter jar on tight, terrible habit of leaving all the cabinets in the kitchen gaping open, paralyzing fear of spiders, etc.).

THAT SAID, there are a few things he consistently does around the home that drive me absolutely batshit crazy. Please observe my meticulous photo documentation of these 9 husband fails and tell me -- am I justified in my wifely rage? If found guilty for reasons of household insanity, do I have a shot at a sympathetic jury? *craftily begins planning courtroom defense*


The dirty cereal bowl, caaaaaaaaarefully placed RIGHT at the juxtoposition of sink and dishwasher.


Speaking of cereal: are all the boxes left open so as to more efficiently allow the contents to become stale? Ding ding ding!


Points for not just leaving the empty cardboard tube on there, I guess.

Ohhhhh, so close. AND YET.


"That one paper? It's on my side of the desk," he says. O RLY? Excuse me while I send in a team of highly-trained search and rescue dogs.


Random Occurrences of Dropping Off the Face of the Earth, Cellphone-Wise. Hello? Hello? THIS IS THE UNITED STATES ARE WE REACHING?

"What? I did the laundry." No dude, you put a bunch of clothes in the washing machine, turned it on, then all thoughts of laundry instantly left your brain forever and ever, and all the clothes got mildewy-smelling from sitting in their own moist juices, and they by default became MY problem. WASH + DRY + PUT AWAY = LAUNDRY.

Hey I just vacuumed
and this is crazy
But you tracked in a shitload of dirt
so clean it maybe?

Whew. I'm glad I got all this off my chest. So, tell me -- what household habits does YOUR spouse have that drive you nuts?

Images via Linda Sharps

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