7 Myths About Love That Are So Overplayed

We've been told - and learned - about love since we were wee tots, toddling around in our diapers.

Some of the stuff we've been told and learned about love is true; while others are patently false.

So let's see how to debunk some of the most famous myths about love.


1) You have only one "true love." This is commonly portrayed in movies, fairy tales, and actually does more harm than good, because it sets us up for the belief that we must wait for our true love. And where does that leave those of us who are getting a divorce? (raises hand)

2) A good relationship with someone you love doesn't need sex. Sex is an important - integral - part of intimacy. It's not something to be rushed into, but to achieve intimacy, we must be able to be vulnerable to our partners.

3) Only freaks and weirdos use online dating services. While once thought to be the only option for freaks, geeks, and those who are planning to kill you, there is much to be said for the ability to meet others who can - and may - be good for you.

4) All the "good ones" are taken. This commonly held belief helps those of us who are single to feel okay about being single. The truth is, though, that a great partner could be right under your nose!

5) True love conquers all. While a romantic notion, it's the boring Part II of the courtship/marriage that will make or break a couple. There is much more to a relationship than love.

6) Children will make you closer to your partner. While children are fabulous additions to a life, they can also complicate a situation. Children need love, attention, time, and stability - and co-parenting can be extremely challenging.

7) Marriage is a dying institution. While most people claim the divorce rate is 50% (or that you're just as likely as not to stay with your partner 'til death do you part'), which is untrue. In the US, the divorce rate is far closer to 45%.

What are some other commonly held myths about love?

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