Johnny Depp Knows How to Treat a Lady Post-Breakup

johnny deppJohnny Depp is admirable for a lot of reasons -- his career, his sexiness, his talent, his smarts, the fact that he can make guyliner look cool -- I could go on and on. But in light of his recent split from long-time partner Vanessa Paradis, I'd add his good heart to the list of reasons to look up to this man. According to reports, the 49-year-old movie star met up with this ex and their two children in their French home they used to share, and had a lovely weekend all together. Johnny and Vanessa were apparently laughing and having a good time at the marketplace and, at one point, were even spotted holding hands.

Now, the two have zero plans to reconcile, which is what makes this rumor all the more awesome. Johnny and Vanessa are that rare breed of amicable exes, and I tip my fedora slash beret to them.


After you've been together with someone for 14 years, and it ends amidst rumors of infidelity and constant fighting, it's probably tough to stay friends. It takes a whole lot of rising above to do that, and by all counts, that's pretty impressive.

Seems like Johnny and Vanessa have decided to focus on the future without harping on the past, something that's way easier said than done, but their weekend together shows that they really have the potential to not only be wonderful at co-parenting, but at remaining a significant and fulfilling part of one another's lives.

Johnny's dating Amber Heard and Vanessa is rumored to be seeing singer Matthieu Chedid. Clearly, each is getting their romantic fill with someone new, which might make it easier to pull off being amicable exes. Whatever their strategy, Johnny and Vanessa are admirable for the way they've stayed together, without staying together.

Do you have a good relationship with any of your exes?


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