Robert Pattinson's Heartbreak Is Leading Him Down a Destructive Path

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart cheatingThroughout this entire shocking Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, most of our energy has been focused on Kristen herself. How could she do this? Why did she do this? How many times did she do this?

But really, our focus should be on Robert Pattinson. Poor little RPattz. It's one thing to hear about your significant other cheating on you, but to see it with your own eyes, photo after photo, in a three-page glossy spread in a magazine. Ouch.

Since her tonsil hockey rendezvous, Kristen has made it clear that she's absolutely devastated. It was a momentary lapse in judgement, she's mortified, blah blah blah. Save it, KStew. You're officially on my list.

Who we really care about is Robert ... and I'm sorry to say, he's not doing too well ...


According to PEOPLE, Robert is "heartbroken and angry" and has even turned to drinking to ease the pain.

Put down that drink, Rob. It's not worth it. She's not worth it. And if it's any consolation, I'm sure it helps knowing that she's the second most hated person in America right now (next to Tom Cruise, naturally).

As a heartbreak survivor myself, I'm going to predict that Rob has a long road of grieving to do -- but like everything else, this will pass. He'll eventually find someone who tops Kristen (with a better personality, hopefully ... please?) -- and realize that the only thing his former flame will be remembered for is awkwardly biting her lip in movies.

Come to think of it, I'm available. Now that Robsten is officially done, how about I swoop in? What do you think -- Robanie?

Do you think Rob is handling his heartbreak in the right way?

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