6 Most Humiliating Public Proposals You’ll Ever See (VIDEOS)

public proposalThose big, splashy proposals are hard to pull off. Finding the perfect ring is nothing compared to coordinating some mid-field "Will you marry me?" moment in the middle of Super Bowl. That is why I feel so bad for the guy whose girlfriend was off buying beers when the big question popped up on the JumboTron during a baseball game at Chicago's Wrigley Field.

That was clearly a major league letdown for him, but it could have been worse. Much worse. Check out the most mortifying public proposals of all time:


1. You can literally feel thousands of fans in the stands cringe watching this poor guy get turned down by the woman of his dreams. The mock concern from the team mascot certainly doesn't help either.

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2. He should have known better. Nothing is less romantic than getting a proposal in the middle of a dirty mall food court. She ran outta there like she saw a huge rat. Brutal. Just brutal. At least the Cinnabon lady said she'd marry him.


3. Most awkward moment EVER!


4. I don't know what this guy had done before the game, but it must not have been pretty bad based on her reaction. Clearly it wasn't just his pride that was bruised that night.


5. The saddest part is that his girlfriend was clearly so excited until she realized what her man was up to. You can actually see his heart breaking as she sprinted from the court.


6. A flash mob proposal sounds awesome in theory, but it didn't quite work out for this poor dude. Maybe it was his dancing?!


What do you think of public proposals? Romantic or ridiculous?

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