Masturbation Is the Secret to a Happy Marriage

fire worksMarried women who masturbate need to stop feeling guilty. The fact is, married or unmarried, masturbation is one of the best things women can do for themselves, their health, and their sex life. So vibe away, ladies. You aren't ruining your marriages, you are only making them hotter.

The fact is, self-pleasure is one of the most important differences between men and women. Men are very open about masturbation while women hide it away as if it's shameful. It's not.

One of the most important things a woman can do for herself is learn what she likes. So why are women so afraid of it or thinking it will hurt their marriages?


In an informal poll of male friends, I can assure you ladies, men LIKE it when you know what you are doing. They like it when you can tell them how long on the button and how long off. They like when you know how hard to push and how to move to get yourself to your peak.

You don't find those things out unless you play with yourself. Women aren't all made the same and there is nothing wrong with figuring out how your body works so you can show it to your man.

Some worry that masturbation will stop them from enjoying sex with their husband or that their clitoris will go numb (yes, I have heard this). Well I have news for you. It's the opposite, in fact. More masturbation means the clitoris is more orgasmic, which means more sex, ladies! Seriously.

So get out of the "I can't" mode and get in the "yes, please!" mode. Your husband will thank you and your sex life will thank you. More orgasms are better for your complexion, your health, and your general demeanor. So don't be afraid to touch yourself.

In the end, you are doing it for your husband, too.

Do you get squeamish about masturbation?


Image via Warren Brown Photography/Flickr

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