Kristen Stewart May Have Cheated Because Life Wasn't 'Crazy' Enough for Her

kristen stewart elle june 2012It's been several days since the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal broke, and we're still having trouble wrapping our heads around it. It just doesn't add up or logically make sense. Twi-Hards aren't the only ones astounded by the fact that Kristen would stray from Robert Pattinson -- especially with a married, 41-year-old man. But experts are now saying that the big question Rob was thisclose to popping might have something to do with it ...

Although I've only found myself really wanting my guy to propose, I can imagine that really wishing he wouldn't is an equally harrowing emotion ... in a completely different way. So harrowing, in fact, that it might have been THE reason Kristen Stewart cheated on Rob.


If this affair really did happen and isn't just some wacky stunt to sell more Breaking Dawn: Part 2 tickets, it's not so crazy to think Kristen may have pursued it as an escape route from her grown-up relationship. As Carole Leiberman, M.D. tells Hollywood Life:

One of the explanations for Kristen's cheating – though not the only one – is that she was afraid of commitment. She was scared that Rob was going to propose and felt that, at 22, it would be too soon to become tied down to one man. Kristen was ambivalent. She did it in a public way to make sure that Rob found out about it. Yet, she also believed that she could get him back.

I could see there being a lot of truth to that, and if so, it's really sad. But 22 is really young to "settle down" with one person. Can we really blame her for being freaked out?

Then again ...  Let's just rewind a moment, shall we, back to this priceless quote 22-year-old Kristen gave Elle for their June issue:

I feel boring. I feel like, 'Why is everything so easy for me?' I can’t wait for something crazy to f**king happen to me. Just life. I want someone to f**k me over.

Wow, hello, spoiled brat-dom. What a completely crazy, ridiculous thing to say. Guess some people -- especially actors and actresses, go figure -- are drama junkies who will go to extremes, even sabotaging one of the best things in their life to experience "something crazy." I wouldn't be surprised if she cheated as a way to "f**k herself over!"

So, on a second thought, this could prove she simply wasn't mature enough to handle a real relationship. Maybe she did exactly what she need to in order to make her childish heart's desire come true.

Do you think Kristen Stewart self-sabotaged her relationship with Rob?

Image via Elle

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