Hilarious 'No Drama' Video Proves That Men Are Ridiculously Bad at Break-Ups (VIDEO)

break upAh, men. We ladies love them (even when we don't), but sometimes they really are extremely thick skulled. This is evidenced in many ways, but one of the main ones is how bad they are at dumping women.

A hilarious Funny or Die video parodies this with great hilarity. The "no drama breakup" is the breakup all men claim to be seeking. So instead of acting like human beings, they act like complete assholes (remember Carrie and her Post-It from Sex and the City?) and hope we will get the point.

See below:


How many men have we known who act like insane people in a breakup -- unfriending women, calling them "crazy," starting new relationships without telling their girlfriend -- and then call the woman a "drama queen" or "nut job." Um, yeah dude. Not so much.

The fact is, breaking up isn't that hard. Sure, emotionally it can be tough, but here's the secret: most people just want the truth. They want to know why they are being dumped. They want it to be respectful and they want it to honor what you once shared. That's it.

So rather than pull the wimpy move of just unfriending her and hoping she goes away, go to her and TALK. Explain why you want to break up and why things aren't working out. She may cry. But crying isn't drama. It's emotion. Deal with it.

If you want a "no drama" breakup, then don't have a relationship. Most breakups are painful and there may be some "drama." But hey, that's life. Want to know what's worse? Being a complete dolt and calling the girl insane for being angry. Yep. Let's grow up, please!

Um, not that I am bitter. The video is actually hilarious. Watch and learn boys. See yourselves in action!

Did you ever have a "no drama" breakup?

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