Pilot Crashes Popping the Question & Proves Stunt Proposals Are Silly (VIDEO)

banner reading will you marry me pilot crashedJust like everything else wedding-wise, marriage proposals seem to be getting bigger and more elaborate. If it's not going to go viral or at least be pinnable on Pinterest, then a guy might feel like he's fallen short. In some cases, this is a dangerous precedent we've set.

Take the pilot named Mark Simmons who was rescued off of Rhode Island's Block Island on Monday. The poor guy was forced to ditch his small plane that was towing a banner with a marriage proposal. Thankfully -- in Sleepless in Seattle-style -- the man's 8-year-old son helped rescuers track his location. He wasn't seriously injured, and get this ... One day later, he hopped back in a plane and returned to the sky to try again! Geeze! Thank goodness she said yes!

Still, an incident like this should still make us question whether or not we ladies really need something as grand-scale as a proposal at 1,000 feet.


Oh, sure, a proposal like Simmons' isn't nearly as out there as some. People do banners all the time. (Which you would think would make them less appealing as an option!) But whatever happened to the classic, old-school romantic proposal? Say, over a candelit dinner? On the beach? (That's how a couple of my friends were proposed to!) Or even in bed? (That was how my proposal went down, and it was perfect.)

A crazy skydiving stunt or super-public flash mob is cool and all, but it's just not necessary. And my heart really goes out to men who think that they have to meet some super-high standard set by our ADD reality TV/YouTube culture. Simply mustering up the courage to ask "Will you marry me?" is completely nerve-wracking! Why add to it? So, guys, if you're out there -- take note: The right woman will be perfectly happy with a proposal that doesn't require her guy pulling out dramatic stops. The question itself is big enough on its own.

Here's a local news story on the pilot who crashed mid-proposal ...


How wild and crazy was your proposal? Do you think guys are increasingly feeling like they have to make a huge production of popping the Q?

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