10 Ultimatums You Should Never Give -- or Give In To

It's tempting when you really really really REALLY want your partner to do something to issue an ultimatum. It helps to feel like you're doing something to get back that control you're missing and, hopefully, have your partner be able to give you what you want.

Here's the problem with ultimatums: they rarely work. In fact, relationship ultimatums account for a good amount of breakups. And, in the rare instance your partner gives in, do you really want to know that he or she did so just to appease you?

Here's a list of ultimatums you should never give -- or give in to.


1) I want a ring or we're over.

2) If you don't date me, I'll spread a rumor on the Internet that you have VD.

3) Why can't you do the chores like I want you to? If you don't start, I'm going to stop picking up after you.

4) If we can't talk about our feelings openly, we do not need to be in this relationship.

5) If you don't have sex with me, I'm going to find someone else who will.

6) We cannot continue dating if you don't change your religion to be the same as mine.

7) If you don't agree to spend most of your time with me, I'm going to show up at Guys' Night.

8) If you buy that new car, I'm going on a shopping trip to Prada -- with your credit card.

9) If you want to have sex with me again, you'd best be buying me some fancy jewelery.

10) If you can't be bothered to let the dog out in the morning, I'm going to make sure he pees on your pillow.

What are some other great ultimatums?


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