Couple Meets for the First Time After 'Dating' for Years (VIDEO)

love onlineThey knew each other for five years through chat rooms for the game Halo 3, then MySpace, and finally Facebook. They dated for two years, and never once met before last March. Now the couple, he from Tennessee, she from Texas, is engaged to be married and the video of their first meeting has gone viral. Can I get an awwww?

Just one question, though: Why did it take them so long? I mean, this is totally adorable, but it isn't that long a flight (or even drive) from Tennessee to Texas, right?

Still, that part is neither here nor there. Clearly their love worked off Skype as much as it did on it. See below:


In the past few years, we have really seen the stigma lifted from online dating, but most people who online date understand that chemistry on paper doesn't always translate to chemistry in real life.

Typically, people who online date try to arrange a meeting before too long just to make sure it all works in real life, too. I've been there. I've met someone online -- both as friends and as a love interest -- and there were hot incredible online flirtations and heat, but then we found our "chemistry" in person to be sadly lacking. It happens.

Luckily, for these two, that doesn't seem to be the case. But who could wait so long to meet in person? It's hard to imagine having that kind of patience.

Good things come to those who wait, though, it seems. And judging from what I see, these two had no problem with real life chemistry. What a happy, happy video, no? Ah, love. So fun.

Could you wait five years to meet someone?

Image via cadynow/YouTube

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