Your Astrological Sign Can Help You Have the Hottest Summer Sex Ever (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Jul 17, 2012 Love & Sex

couple kissing on the beachWe might be complaining that it's a serious scorcher out there today, but as far as your sex life goes, blazin' hot days cannot be beat. Psychologist Stella Resnick, Ph.D., author of The Pleasure Zone attests that "heat relaxes your muscles, heightens skin sensation, and causes you to slow down and get in touch with your more languid, sultry side." Yes please! My "inner goddess" is doing a Samba just thinking about it. I kid, I kid.

No, but seriously, you don't need to hop aboard the Fifty Shades of Grey erotica bus to make this summer your hottest yet (in the bedroom). Just follow the stars (aka look up your sun sign) to plan your ultimate summer sexual experience ...

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  • Aries


    As the most impulsive sign of the zodiac, getting it on in the "heat" of the moment will send you soaring, Aries. If anyone's got the guts to spontaneously whisk their partner off to do it in the pool house, in the dunes during a beach bonfire, or under the bleachers at a baseball game, it's you! Go for it.

  • Taurus


    You, my dear down-to-earth Taurus, are known for being the most sensual of the zodiac. But you're also a creature of habit. So pick your favorite romantic spot -- maybe that beach house or hotel you and your honey love to escape to -- and do it in bed ... but with the sliding doors open. Yum.

  • Gemini


    You're not going to be happy unless your partner talks to you in bed, loquacious Gemini. So maybe try some role-playing, based on some of the biggest summer blockbusters! Who says you can be Cat Woman to his Bruce Wayne ... at least for an evening?

  • Cancer


    As the official "mom" of the zodiac, Cancer, it's high time you hired that babysitter and had a proper date night with your partner! Go somewhere sentimental, show off what your mama gave you, and enjoy.

  • Leo


    If any sign is the Queen of Summer, it's you, almost-birthday-girl Leo! But you need to feel like royalty to really enjoy yourself, so schedule that couples' massage. Ideally at a romantic, luxurious hotel or resort where you can hang by the pool holding court in a new sexy bathing suit (a la Tori Spelling) and grab some delish food and drink later on!

  • Virgo


    The trick for your hottest summer sex, fellow Virgo, is simply getting out of your own head! Stop your "monkey mind" from running nonstop by relinquishing control for a bit. You won't be able to worry about what you're not doing or doing if everything that must be done is up to your partner ...

  • Libra


    Libra lady, you need to be sure you're always evolving in the bedroom. So give your guy a naughty beach read of his own -- like She Comes First by Ian Kerner, Ph.D. -- then letting him show you how he plans to "strike a balance" in the bedroom ...

  • Scorpio


    Sexy Scorpio mama, you know exactly what you want and need, but the recent boom in erotica set off by Fifty Shades of Grey has probably still piqued your interest. Try writing your own fantasy down, and sharing it with your guy -- maybe over some wine. Then act it out, in your very own Red Room of Pain ... or any other dark, moody, mysterious place that gets you hot and bothered!

  • Sagittarius


    Getting outside of the ordinary and being on the move is sure to do the trick for you, wild Sagittarian woman. Any kind of travel or adventure with your honey (consider finally going skydiving or learning to surf) will do to set the mood for fireworks later on.

  • Capricorn


    Any opportunity for you to advance on the job is usually music to your workaholic ears, can-do Capricorn. But consider steeling yourself away from work to temporarily trade your climb up the corporate ladder for clawing and pawing your lover at a nature-filled retreat by the lake or in the woods.

  • Aquarius


    Anything political is sure to get you revved up, you forward-thinking, debate-lovin' Aquarian chick. Consider getting involved now the 2012 election, and you might be so fired up that you'll be ready to go ... to town with your lover!

  • Pisces


    Your ultimate summer sex is a no-brainer, romantic, water-baby Pisces. You know the famous scene where Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr make out in the waves in From Here to Eternity? Recreate it in a way that works for you, and you'll have memories of summer lovin' that keep you warm all year!

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