Scorned Wife Uses Cheating Husband to Sell House

We ladies tend to get a bit cranky when our husbands leave us and the kids for another woman. Especially if that woman happens to be a 22-year-old yoga instructor. Cliché much? One Oregon woman got so irritated when her husband left their family for said young yoga instructor that she decided to use his cheating ways to sell their three-bedroom home. "House for sale by scorned, slightly bitter, newly single owner," reads the unusually candid For Sale sign written by newly-divorced Elle Zober. "Adulterers need not apply." We've seen this kind of revenge on a cheating ex via public advertisement before. Beyond cutting out a segment of buyers, what does this kind of revenge do?


Elle writes on her website:

Sure I'm angry, and every bit as sad as the sign suggests. But I'm also equally grateful for the life I do have and I know that the best the way to more forward for all of us is to focus on that. Hence my quirky marketing For Sale By Owner plan.

After the sign went viral (how could it not?), Elle explained it was "not revenge" and that her husband not only approved the sign, but paid for half of it. Really? If true, these two should really rethink their divorce, because they were made for each other.

Additionally, she says their two children have not seen the sign. Which means they've moved already? Well, at any rate, this kind of little revenge joke on a philandering ex might be well-deserved, and might even make the scorned party feel better for a few minutes, but in the long run, it's just embarrassing. Whether or not her children have seen the sign, they can Google "mommy sign daddy cheater" for eons to come, and get the whole story.

Revenge can be sweet, but there are some better ways Elle could have gone about getting revenge:

1. Elle gets the house in the divorce settlement, sells it for a huge mark-up, pockets all the profit, and takes a sweet girls-only trip to Bora Bora where she hooks up a 22-year-old hunky boytoy.

2. Elle gives her cheating hubby the house in the divorce settlement and trashes it before leaving. Get the pipes and doorknobs, Elle, those things go for a lot on eBay!

3. Elle holds a Ouija board séance before giving the house to her husband, calling up a pissed off ghost who haunts the cheating ex until he flees the house in the middle of the night with only his girlfriend's yoga mat.

4. Elle laughs like hell when her ex soon tires of his 22-year-old yoga instructor (bank on it) and wants to get back with the woman who shares his same penchant for bizarre home sale signs.

5. Elle puts up a sign that reads, "Husband with 3-inch penis left us for 22-year-old ... House for Sale."

Have you ever gotten revenge on an ex?


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