Breastfeeding as Birth Control & Other Sex Myths Debunked! (VIDEO)

We all have kind of bizarre myths we believe about sex, and the way sex is portrayed in movies, TV shows, and books doesn't help. Even those awesome conversations with your girlfriends after a couple glasses of wine are good for making you laugh until you cry -- but maybe not so good for exchanging factual information.

This is why we need Dr. Logan Levkoff. She's all about the facts and using them to make your sex life better. In this latest episode of Mom Ed: In The Bedroom, she invites moms Catherine (one of our fabulous editors here at The Stir!) and Jill to test their knowledge of common sex myths.

Even if you think you're pretty smart about sex, you're sure to learn something that will surprise you. Check out the video after the jump. 


The most unexpected revelation for me? Most women don't climax from vaginal intercourse alone. A huge majority -- 70 percent! -- need at least some clitoral stimulation too. As Logan points out, to watch movies or read books you'd think women are having mind-blowing orgasms in mere seconds from foreplay-free vaginal sex. But no, you're not weird if that doesn't do it for you -- that kind of portrayal of sex is!

Another huge myth I see perpetuated online is that you can't get pregnant while you're breastfeeding. Given that I know actual children who were conceived while their mothers were nursing them, I was already aware that was wrong, but every time I write a post about nursing, someone brings up its mythical pregnancy-repelling properties.

What did surprise me is that you can actually get pregnant if you have sex during your period! As a former infertile, this made me laugh a little bit given that I couldn't get pregnant with a team of professionals monitoring my ovulation status to the minute. But apparently, 2 percent of women start their fertile period four days into their cycle, while they're still menstruating.

Want more, including myths about lesbian porn, masturbation, and whether size really does matter? Then check out this video!


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Any surprises? What sex myths do you believe?

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