Photographer Needs Our Help Solving a Romantic Military Mystery (VIDEO)

angila golik photo of couple kissing at war memorialHaving been proposed to in a very quiet, private, personal way (which is definitely what I wanted), I still think I may always envy couples who had their marriage proposal captured on film. It must be lovely to look back on a photo of that moment -- the "yes!" -- the excitement, etc. For one couple, pictures of that moment exist, but they may not have any clue. It was captured at the War Memorial on July 2 when amateur photographer named Angila Golik happened to be walking by. Golik was caught off guard when she noticed they were the only people at the memorial, which is bizarre, because "there are usually 200, 300 people at any given memorial at any time," she told

Standing about a football field away, she zoomed in and that's when she saw the man -- dressed in an Air Force uniform -- pulled out a ring and offered it to the woman standing in front of him. She said yes and they embraced and kissed.


Golik reportedly tried to shout and flag them down to exchange contact info, so she could send them the special photos, but they couldn't hear her and left the rotunda. What a shame!

The photographer wouldn't be deterred, though, and she decided to start a social media campaign -- sharing he photos on her Facebook page and even making a YouTube video (which as of Tuesday, July 17, was inexplicably made private) -- to track them down. She's been accused of trying to promote herself through this campaign, but I don't think that's it at all. She probably just believes this couple would really love to see their moment captured by photography. And oh, sure, I'm sure she'd love to find out who they really are and get the truth behind the romantic story. As Golik said:

He was doing it at the Washington War Memorial. Why? Is he coming home from war, or did he go into war, is there something significant about that spot? It's just captivating to me. It's a sweet little story.

Hopefully, her campaign brings some answers to these Qs, because I'm sure she's not the only one now who would love to know!

Here's a news report on Golik's campaign ...

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Do you hope this couple comes forward to retrieve their photos? Do you wish you had a picture of your proposal?

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