'Weed' Dating Is a Dirty New Way to Meet Someone

weedsIf you think the restaurant and bar scene is so played, you might be interested to learn that there's a new way to try speed dating. It's called weed dating and it has nothing to do with marijuana, and everything to do with culling unwanted plants from plots of crops. A woman in Boise heard that a farm in Vermont (I mean, where else) had started a weed dating program and decided to bring it to Idaho. Singles looking for love are stationed in strawberry, lettuce, eggplant, and zucchini sections, given instructions on what the weeds look like, and told to have fun as they rotate with their trowels and their open hearts. Frankly, I think it's a magnificent idea.


First of all, if you sign up for weed dating, you're automatically going to find like-minds who enjoy gardening, risk taking, and out of the box thinking. Surely you'll stumble upon someone who's confused and disappointed by the lack of bong rips, but you know, there are hidden mines in every dating landscapes.

Second of all, it's nice to be outside for once, doing something with your hands. How many dates have you sat at shiny tables and wondered whether or not to order another drink or just get the hell out of there? Lots. But how many times have you pulled little shrubs from the earth and wondered whether or not to wash your hands first or just get the hell out of there? None. Try something new!

Thirdly, weed dating could just be the beginning when it comes to finding love in communal and weird places. I'd be into feed dating, where everyone's stationed at a farm table and served local meats and cheeses. Also wouldn't mind skied dating, hitting the slopes with randoms could be fun. Knead dating where you make pies would be cool, if not bizarrely sexual, and stampede dating would be a blast. If anyone has some extra bulls on hand and a narrow, cobblestone street, your business opportunity awaits.

In the meantime, go ahead and get your weed dating on. It's legal in Idaho.

What do you think about weed dating?


Photo via Eric I E/Flickr

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