Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Start Acting Like Lovesick Puppies -- in Public! (VIDEO)

kristen stewart robert pattinson giggling at comic-conAnytime Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson make a public appearance together, tongues are wagging for days afterward about how cute and "so in love" they looked. Still, it's not like they've given us really all that much to talk about. Historically, the pair has kept it cool with any form of PDA while out and about -- especially when photographers are present. But at Comic-Con yesterday, they were actually spied getting suuuuper-cozy with one another.

It was during the much-discussed seven-minute preview of Breaking Dawn—Part 2 that fans started tweeting up a storm about Rob and Kristen's inability to keep their hands off one another ...


According to Twitter users quoted by Hollywood Life, not only were they spotted holding hands (awww!), one fan, @tashpalo, also tweeted:

Oh oh did you hear how Rob and Kristen were very snuggly while the footage was showing? Well the room was dark and from my POV, Kristen scooted over to Rob. Their heads were together — it’s possible they kissed, but I CANT confirm. They were definitely snuggle bunnies though; It’s possible they may have had a kiss or two. A couple people said that but unsure.

Other eyewitnesses swore "Kristen practically crawled into Rob's lap trying to whisper to him." Wow! Talk about a 180-degree change from the uber-coy, even standoffish way these two have handled their relationship publicly in the past. Guess they really are more comfortable now being 100 percent "out of the closet" as a couple -- which is adorable. 

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Not being in hiding anymore must feel like a huge weight off their chests. They can finally be themselves, as a couple, regardless of prying eyes or paparazzi. The bonus? We love watching them be so in love, and from the looks of it, we'll be seeing much more along the lines of this Comic-Con cuddlefest as the two continue to promote the November release of BD2. Awww.

Check out this video for cute Robsten highlights from over the past four years:

Do you love that Rob and Kristen are now "out" as a couple?

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