Muscular Guys Make Bad Boyfriends but Oh God Who Cares?

When we ladies think of what the perfect man looks like, we think of, oh, maybe David Beckham, or Gerard Butler, or, oh yeahhh, Joe Manganiello. But a new study says when it comes to guys who look like this hunka burnin' love over heah, beware! He'll expect you to cook, clean, and keep your trap shut, woh-man! Because apparently muscular dudes are more likely to be sexist and hostile towards women. Which is a bad thing -- even if those hunks of sexist hostility look like this guy! Right? Um, right, of course it's bad. Err ...


The study surveyed 327 single straight guys in Britain. It turned out that the more muscular the guy, the more outdated his ideas about women. No one knows what came first: The muscle or the chauvinst. Do chauvinist guys who are threatened by empowered women go to the gym more to feel more masculine? Or are guys who grew up in strongly patriarchal households more likely to buy into the idea that they should look muscular? Who the hell knows. It's just a survey, people.

My Brooklyn neighborhood is chock-full of muscular guys. Unfortunately, I haven't had too many conversations with them about a modern woman's role in society, so I can't back up this study with any personal anecdotes. But just look at those gym-buffed goombas on Jersey Shore. They don't exactly seem like they've taken too many feminist theory classes!

Also, this survey was taken in Britain. Britain. The most muscular guy there is Prince William. So maybe the one or two big-pecced dudes the survey managed to find were so bombarded with women that they became he-wimmin-hating Neanderthals.

I don't doubt that some women probably prefer the muscular, macho, sexist, hostile types. At any rate, if Joe Manganiello wants me to do his dishes and clean his floors, he don't have to ask twice! Haha! Joke. I'll only do one of those.

Do you like muscular men?


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