Is Usher Ready to Settle Bitter Child Support Case After Stepson’s Devastating Tragedy?

USHERUsher and ex-wife Tameka Foster haven't been getting along for years. The two have been embattled in a custody case for months, and the insults have been flying. Usher loves partying more than his kids, Tameka's a violent loose cannon ... the list goes on and on. But when Tameka's son and Usher's stepson Kyle Glover became brain dead after a tragic jet ski accident last week, suddenly, the accusations stopped, and cooler heads prevailed.

Usher is now ready and willing to settle the case with Tameka. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to give us perspective on what really matters.


Usher, who's wanted 50/50 custody and a set child support sum, has changed his tune a bit. TMZ reports that Usher is wiling to give Tameka majority custody (a percentage was unspecified) and that he raised his child support offer "significantly."

They had been arguing about money (and yes, custody), but now I'm sure that disagreement over monthly payments seems so trivial to both Usher and Tameka in light of the accident.

Obviously, Tameka's gotta be devastated by her son's accident, and frankly, it's nice to see Usher do the right thing here and try and make life a little easier on a mother who just, essentially, lost her son. It wasn't necessary for Usher to concede, child support and custody cases are almost all business, but it shows he has a heart and wants the best for the mother of his two children.

It's unfortunate that an agreement couldn't have been reached during happier times, but I would bet Tameka and Usher are pleased nonetheless to have this dispute behind them so that they can fully focus on Kyle.

Has a tragedy ever forced you to put relationship woes into perspective?


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