Couple Who Lost Hundreds of Pounds Together Knows How to Make Love Last

scaleIt's often said that when a married woman (or a man) loses a ton of weight, they are more apt to stray. After all, weight loss can give a person a new lease on life and a new spark in their step. It's no wonder marriages often end soon after one member of the couple gets all hot and stuff.

The best way to combat that, of course, is to be in it together. The couple who loses weight together is so obviously one that can go the distance. One couple, Mary and Frank Scafuri, are taking that even further. The couple from Staten Island is losing hundreds of pounds together after getting lap band surgery. It's pure genius.

When people talk about marriages that make it over the long haul, they talk about similar interests, support, love, and communication. What better way to model all of these behaviors than to lose weight together?


Weight loss is a lifelong journey. Even once the weight is off, a formerly heavy person can't act like someone who never put on weight. They must always eat healthier and watch to make sure the weight doesn't creep on again.

Lap band surgery isn't the same thing as a diet plan, to be sure. But it's a sea change in terms of lifestyle, especially if it's going to be successful. A lifestyle change requires commitment and there is no bigger commitment than marriage.

Those who have been married and weathered the ups and downs can attest to the fact that it isn't an easy road, but common goals and journeys can make it easier.

For couples who lose weight together, it's a big win all around. They get a common goal, a new discussion topic, and the chance to be a cheerleader for one another. They also get their own personal health back and a sense of victory once they reach their goal.

Plus, let's not forget the sex. Two healthy, robust, in shape people have way better sex. It's just a fact.

It can be depressing when you are trying to lose weight and your husband is stuffing his face full of cookies. So why not embark on this journey together? It can only make your union stronger, both literally and metaphorically.

Do you think weight loss can improve a marriage?


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