Emily Maynard's Relationship Advice for Katie Holmes Is Surprisingly Wise

emily maynardWhat do Bachelorette Emily Maynard and Katie Holmes have in common? Well, now that Katie's the newest addition to Tom's ex-wives' club, she and Emily are now both single moms! And that's reason enough apparently for Entertainment Tonight to ask Emily if she had any advice for Katie. At first, she demurely said no, she didn't, because "I'm still trying to figure it out myself, obviously."

But then she offered what has to be one of the wisest tokens of wisdom about love EVER. She shared, "I think my mom gave me the best advice, and I've said it before, 'It's better to be home alone than be home and wish you were alone.' That's the advice that I've stuck with for so long, and hopefully I'll be home and be glad that I'm not alone one day." Awww! How totally spot-on is that? And it is oh-so-appropo for Katie!


I love that what Emily -- or, to be fair, her mom -- is saying is that no woman needs a man just to have a man. Not even if that woman happens to also be a mom who wants her child to have a father figure around. In the end, it really is better to be on your own than to be with a man you aren't happy with. A man who is there, but who you wish wasn't!

Far too many women stay far too long with men who make them miserable ... or who they simply don't light up around. I know there are a bazillion "grown up" reasons why women stay with Mr. Wrong -- comfort level, attention, security, the kids, etc. But both Emily and Katie know none of those things are enough to sacrifice your own happiness, which you better believe is linked to your mental and even physical well-being!

Honestly, I feel like anyone who thinks Katie Holmes was genuinely happy for even five minutes with Tom Cruise is living in a fantasy world, but even if you do believe that, it's clear that she became incredibly unhappy at some point in time. And single mom or not, no one should have to live that way.

With hope, both Katie and Emily soon find their way to that home where they're glad they aren't alone. By cutting the cord from their respective exes, they're already halfway there.

Do you agree with Emily's advice for Katie?

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