Justin Timberlake Picks Out Jessica Biel's Clothes & We Still Don't Think He's Gay

I think Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake make a cute couple. Hey, Jess finally got a ring on it after years of being the long-suffering girlfriend, after years of on-again, off-again, and years of Justin's alleged (I said alleged!) hound-dogging around. But something about Jess's admission in InStyle magazine that her rockstar fiancé picks out her outfits made me cringe. And not necessarily because that means Justin is in the closet. The wardrobe closet, people! Sheesh.


Jessica told the magazine:

When I walk out of the closet after getting dressed in the morning, I'll go like this [turns palms upward as if to say, 'Well?']. And he goes like this [shakes his head no]. Then he picks again. It's hilarious.

Yeah, hilarious like a control freak on fire. I'm guessing this could be kind of cute if done in a certain way. Like, "Honey, I appreciate that suede belt on you, but the calico lamé one would be so much more relevant." Wait, if your fiancé says that, he's definitely gay. But maybe he says something like, "That little red slutty number is so hot it makes me wanna hump your leg." Yeah, that sounds better. Especially if he says that right after burping up some beer.

But to send your woman back to the closet for a whole new outfit? And to do this on a regular basis? That's not "hilarious," Jessica, or even gay. That's obsessive and domineering. Wait, is this another one of those Fifty Shades deals? Justin as dom master and all that? Or maybe TomKat redux minus Scientology?

Jess also reveals that Justin had solo say in her engagement ring, too. I understand letting the guy pick or design the ring if he's paying for it, but a little input would be nice, considering YOU are the one who will be wearing the damn thing for the next five 50 years.

Well, hopefully Jess enjoys being told what to wear because it sounds like she's in for a few years lifetime of it.

Does your man ever tell you what to wear?


Image via InStyle

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