Power of Love Is What Made Ex-Marine Go After Girlfriend’s Rapist

vhs tapeMost of the time we hear stories about love making you lose your cool and do crazy things, but this story is just the opposite. In 2010, a 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped by Elric Shawn Millner in his Texas apartment. She was supposedly fed alcohol until she vomited and urinated on herself as Millner and a friend looked on a laughed. They forced her to perform sexual acts despite her pleading for them to stop. The teenage girl didn't remember anything when she woke up, but Millner had taped the whole thing, and showed her the footage from the horrible, horrible night she lived just a few hours before.

Now, in 2012, Millner is finally being charged with aggravated sexual assault, all thanks to the power of love.


The young girl's boyfriend, a former Marine, who found out about the tape, befriended Millner, got him to show him the video, and used it to bring him to justice.

The boyfriend, whose name has been withheld along with the alleged victim's, is a bonafide hero if you ask me. Love must have motivated him to push through the unthinkable to make sure the man who hurt his girlfriend was punished.

How brave he was to not only talk to Millner, but to become his confidant, and then WATCH his girlfriend be tortured on tape. Most people would lose their cool in a serious way if they came face to face with someone who committed a heinous crime against their loved one, but this former Marine kept his composure in order to collect the evidence he needed.

How easy it would've been for him to say it was a crime of passion if he injured Millner, or worse, but I'm sure the boyfriend realized that the only way his girlfriend would get peace is if this dangerous man was put behind bars.

They say fear is the greatest motivator, but it's stories like these that make love seem like the biggest cause of action.

What's the bravest thing you've ever done for love?


Photo via _M-j-H_/Flickr

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