Heidi Klum Vows to Be Single for the Rest of Her Life

heidi klumWhen Heidi Klum and husband Seal announced their split in January, I didn't want to believe it. It was the second worst day of my life, behind the afternoon when I found out my favorite pair of Hanes full-coverage briefs had been discontinued. How could I live in a world where there's no Seal and Heidi, and no comfy and conservative underpants? It all seemed so sad. But Heidi's moved on from the breakup better than I; she's remained calm, cool, and gracious throughout the whole process. To that end, she recently gave an interview to a German newspaper and explained that she doesn't think she'll ever get married again.

Never say never, Heidi, my underwear is back on the market.


Just as I was scarred by my underroos' cancellation, I'm sure Heidi's divorce left her wary of ever finding love again, too. But she shouldn't be hesitant. Don't let one bad experience ruin potential future happiness. Here's what she said:

I don't know if I'll get married again. Although, I really enjoyed being married. I'm a dreamer. I loved our annual fairy-tale weddings that were our big family parties. But sadly, it somehow didn't work out.

I understand why she'd be a bit nervous about settling down again, but it sounds like she really loves love, and really loves being committed. If she opens herself up to it, I'm sure someone else's love will just come pouring in. She's Heidi Klum, after all. Pretty sure even I'd ask her to marry me if we ever met.

It's so easy after a breakup to declare something that you'll never do again -- I'm never dating another musician! Never going out with anyone over 35 again! I've had it with nose-pickers! -- but instead of focusing on what you don't want, focus on what you do

You might be surprised to find yourself engaged to a 37-year-old musician with a habit for nasal passage exploration because you discovered he was everything you wanted before you discovered he was everything you "didn't."

That, and focusing on the positive, has proven effects -- my ass has never been happier. [Squirms around in comfy underpants at desk.]

How do you heal after a breakup?


Photo via MCDlovekidrauhl/Flickr

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