Mila Kunis Doth Protest the Ashton Kutcher Rumors Too Much

mila kunisMila Kunis really doesn't want us to think that she's dating Ashton Kutcher. Even though the pair have allegedly been spotting getting all frisky together at a night club, the Ted star is eager to explain that she's single. She's so single, in fact, that if she weren't some A-list Hollywood hottie, she'd sign up for a dating website because it "makes so much more sense" than going to bars and trying to meet people.

She's not wrong about that, online dating does make a lot of sense. But it sounds to me that Mila's just rambling on about how single she is, and how she'd use OKCupid if she could, because she's nervous people will think she's with Ashton. I've used the same tactic before.


Anyone, ever: "Lindsay, did you eat my pasta leftovers then leave the dirty bowl in your bathroom sink?"

Me: "What? That's ridiculous. You're being a bully. I would never eat pasta. I mean, if there was a site I could sign up for that would send me foods other than pasta, I would totally sign up for it. My friends love to do that. I would love to, too, because it makes so much sense, but it's like, I don't know, I feel like I'm too well-known to dabble in an online vegetable delivery service. Anyway, would you like to talk about how I lost a ton of weight recently then put it back on?"

See -- you forgot that I was in trouble for eating someone's leftovers because I distracted you with my agile wordsmithing and subject changing.

Mila's guilty of the same thing. It's all, I'm not dating Ashton! I love online dating! I was called too skinny and now I'm being called too-fat!

When some protests too much, they probably ate the leftovers, and they're probably dating Ashton Kutcher. Either way, it's pretty harmless just as long as they're not lying to themselves.

Think Mila Kunis is denying the Asthon rumors too much?


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