Katie Holmes Fled Tom Cruise Like She's Fleeing a Cult (VIDEO)

katie holmes tom cruiseFor Katie Holmes, leaving Tom Cruise isn't just about leaving her actor husband -- it's also about leaving Scientology. And leaving Scientology is a big, freakin' deal. Some would call it a cult. If they wanted to get sued or followed by a big, black town car. Jenna Miscavige, former Scientologist (and niece of leader David Miscavige), recently said, "My experience in growing up in Scientology is that it is both mentally and at times physically abusive."

So it must have taken a lot of behind-the-scenes planning for Katie to leave the Tom Cruise Scientology Industrial Complex. She needs a lot of support, most likely from her family (dad's a lawyer) and friends. And I hope anyone who is stuck in a relationship with someone with strong ties to a cult overbearing organization and wants out is paying close attention to Katie's story.


Believe it or not, there's actually a wikiHow called How to Leave a Cult. (In nine easy steps!) The steps sound a lot like what you'd do to leave an abusive relationship:

  1. Recognize if you're in an abusive religious group.
  2. Think through the reasons that cause you to want to leave the cult.
  3. Plan your departure.
  4. Leave.
  5. Try to have a place to stay in mind in advance.
  6. Be prepared for recriminations and attempts to get you back. (Yikes!)
  7. Remain strong in your convictions and beliefs.
  8. Seek support from other people.
  9. Continue journeying.

And check, check, check. Yep, I bet Katie did her homework before she left Tom. And you know what? I don't blame her for falling for Tom in the first place. Sure, she should have known better than to hook up with Mr. Scientology. But she was young and idealistic -- and Tom was probably charismatic as hell when he was alone with her. Remember that crazy story about the woman who left the "sweat lodge" cult leader James Arthur Ray? Like Joy, Katie was blinded. But she's got her eyes (ahem) wide open and has found the exit door.

Hey Tom, maybe it's time you leave Scientology, too! Think about it. There's help on the other side.

Have you ever known someone who joined -- and left -- a cult?


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