Kissing Emma Stone Is Terrifying Says 'Spider-Man' Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone and Andrew GarfieldYou may have heard about a little movie just out called The Amazing Spider-Man. Oh, come on! You have to have been hiding in a cave not to have heard about it, there's been so much hype and PR everywhere. Anyway, the latest of the Marvel Comics films, starring Andrew Garfield, swooped into theaters yesterday (like that little turn of phrase?). His leading lady is real-life girlfriend Emma Stone. And they play onscreen lovers. So they have to make out some. And they have to make our hearts pound in anticipation while they're at it.

So for some reason that has Andrew all spooked. Forget about flying around on wires over a movie set with all sorts of stuff that would really hurt to fall on. It's kissing his girlfriend that's frightening him. Even though they probably smooch all the time off-set -- just a wild guess -- unless they're waiting until marriage or something.

Here's what Andrew says about lip-locking with Emma ... is anyone else starting to seriously love him?


I actually felt more safe when I was swinging around because you have a very strong safe pair of hands holding you up. The romantic scenes are free-falling ... as they should be. They have to be spontaneous, and free and terrifying because that’s what first love is. First love is the scariest thing you’ll ever go through and the most exhilarating, you’ve got so much to lose. And it’s Emma, and she’s terrifying.

So Emma's terrifying, is she? Whoa. And awwwww. And what a great line for publicity for the film! I actually know how Andrew feels though. Not because I've kissed Emma Stone in a movie (and we just had a little peck on the cheek that one time in real life -- KIDDING) but because I've dabbled in acting and I've had to kiss people onstage, in front of live audiences. And yeah, it's pretty freaking scary.

It wasn't my offstage boyfriend I was kissing. It was my gay friend who I was cast opposite in a couple of plays. I actually had a crush on him during the first show until I figured out it was a losing battle and I got him to admit what I already knew. Can you say Will & Grace?

Anyway, both situations were really very weird for a while, until I got used to it. Kissing in public is kind of strange to begin with, isn't it? But there's PDA and there's PDA on a stage in front of a live audience where you're so close to some of them they can see you sweat. And then there's PDA that you have to do over and over and over again with your celebrity girlfriend while you're being filmed and scrutinized by swarms of crew, cast, and director types for a major blockbuster like Spider-Man. So yeah, forget I even made the comparison.

Would you be freaked about kissing your significant other (or anyone else) in front of an audience or are you all about PDA?

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