Katy Perry’s Marriage Crumbled While She Worked & Even SAHMs Can Relate (VIDEO)

Katy Perry's new movie, Part of Me, reveals that she was struggling with her dissolving marriage during her world tour. She would even cry before she went onstage. While it's all well and good to be judgmental and say she should have immediately cancelled everything and flown to Russell Brand to work things out, that's pretty unrealistic. What one of us hasn't had relationship difficulties while trying to hold down a job? Even if you're a SAHM, you can't be all, Well, the kids won't get bathed or their homework done or fed dinner tonight because I have to talk to my husband. You've got to juggle it. It's not easy.


Like Katy, most of us have to keep chugging along even when life throws us marriage problems, divorce, or illness. And even if we're lucky enough to have flex time or vacation time we can take to work on things with our spouse, have you ever tried walking into your boss's office and saying, "My husband and I are fighting so I'd like to take a few days off?" And are a few days really going to fix things?

In the movie, Katy is seen asking when her next break is so she can fly to see Russell. When she's told "18 days," she looks devastated. Also, it doesn't exactly seem like Russell was working to rearrange his schedule. When someone asks her if Russell will be at her show, she says, "He should be, but he's not."

Saving a marriage can be done and people do it. But both have to want it. I'm really not sure how Katy could have left a world tour, dropped everything, and gone to Russell. For one, she probably would have been sued by various venues -- and she had hundreds of people and their families relying on her for their jobs.

None of us knows what goes on in a marriage except the two people involved -- and sometimes they too can be in the dark. Maybe Katy thought she could work things out after the tour. These days we all have so much on our plates, it's amazing that we're able to find any time to keep a marriage ticking along at all.

Have you ever dealt with a breakup while juggling a busy job?

Image via Katy Perry: Part of Me/Paramount

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