Tom Cruise Will Likely Replace Katie Holmes With a Younger Version of Herself (PHOTOS)

Tom CruiseOk, ok, so I know he's only been single since Friday, but aren't you just a little bit curious about who Tom Cruise will wind up dating now that he and Katie Holmes are divorcing? I mean, I'm sure he'll allow a little bit of time for the buzz surrounding the split to die down a bit, but I highly doubt Tom will be single for too terribly long.

It's pretty obvious that he likes having a beautiful woman on his arm at all times, so odds are good he'll be looking to audition some lucky women to play his wife find a new leading lady to hit red carpet premieres with in the near future.


It's been rumored that Tom set his sights on Katie Holmes because she was the perfect age (in her late 20s), not to mention the fact that she was so wholesome and gorgeous. But a few other ladies were rumored to have been high on Tom's interest list before he finally reeled Katie in, hook, line & sinker.

Supposedly he tried & failed to win over Sofia Vergara, and Cruise also had a high interest in Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Garner, and Jessica Alba.

Judging from that list of women & taking Katie's good looks into consideration, Tom definitely has a type -- preferably no older than 33, and brunette.

And now that he's a single man, there are plenty of beautiful ladies in Hollywood who fit that description perfectly. Take a look at the photos below to see who Tom might possibly look to fill the role of Mrs. Cruise next.

Who do you think would be a perfect match for Tom?


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