Miley Cyrus Should Definitely NOT Have a 'Small & Simple' Wedding

miley cyrus liam helmsworthMiley Cyrus and Liam Helmsworth haven't set a date for their wedding yet, but that won't stop the world from hauling some unsolicited advice at their feet. Mindy Weiss, a celebrity wedding planner, is just one of the people sounding off on what Miley and Liam should do for their big day. Weiss is an experienced expert who planned Katy Perry's wedding, Heidi Klum's, Fergie's, and Ellen DeGeneres's nuptials, and suggests that Miley keep her wedding small and simple. Mindy explains that because Miley's so young, her tastes might change, so if she does anything too crazy or trendy right now, she may regret it down the road.

Pshaw, Mindy. Let the bores have "small" and "simple" weddings. It's Miley Cyrus! She needs go "big" or go "home."


There's no word on when the two lovebirds will tie the knot, but if Miley decides she wants to walk down that aisle soon, something tells me that the southern girl inside of her will kick in and she'll thrown one hell of a party.

And since they're so young, there will be tons of people to invite (so many friends, y'all!), great music for dancing, an open bar for revelry, and a video camera to capture Daddy Billy Ray doing a keg stand.

Even though Miley might not be able to legally drink on her wedding night, I doubt that will hold her or her guests back from toasting her new marital status.

Listen, you only get one (or two or three) weddings, so you gotta do it up. And what better excuse is there to have a wonderfully over-the-top wedding than being 19? Miley should take advantage and have some fun planning her big day. If she wants ponies wearing high heels and Beyonce to perform, I don't see why she can't get exactly what she wants.

All that said, what Miley really should do for her wedding is ignore all of us and listen to her gut. But yeah, ponies in stilettos would be amazing.

What do you think Miley should do for her wedding?


Photo via jjduncan 80/Flickr

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