Alec Baldwin’s Cheesy Pickup Line for New Wife Worked -- But Would These?

Alec BaldwinAs we all know by now, Alec Baldwin married his lady love, yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, over the weekend. What you probably didn't know were the details of how they met. The couple's New York Times wedding announcement (yes, they went there) had the goods. The couple met at Pure Food & Wine in Manhattan. What a nice little advertisement for this establishment! Anyway, Hilaria was standing there, looking all young and gorgeous (did you really think 54-year-old Baldwin would approach a middle-aged lady?), and Alec came up to her and stuck this cheesy line on her, "I must know you," and handed her his card. Hm. Wonder what his card says? Maybe: "Alec Baldwin - Actor, Public radio host, Paparazzi hater."


At any rate, the pickup line seems to have worked, though it's certainly not the best one I've ever heard. Come to think of it, are there any good pickup lines? I have a theory that if you're attracted to a guy, he can say any old goofy thing, and you'll be charmed. But if you're not attracted, the guy could say you are the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and you'll be like, "Ewwww!! How dare you!!!"

Well, maybe not that bad. But, let's face it, attraction is a matter of chemistry, not pickup lines. I remember once a guy said to me, "You are too young to be drinking alcohol in here," and I thought it was quite cute, because I thought HE was cute. But the guy who said, "Are you a model?" I just thought was cheesy, because I thought HE was cheesy.

Here are some pickup lines. Cute or cheesy?

"Is your husband with you? Yep, I'm right here."

"You must be a mirror because I can see you in my future."

"You know what would look good on you? Me."

"Are those space pants? Because your ass is out of this world."

And a few Fourth of July-inspired lines:

"You're more sizzling than this BBQ!"

"Would you like some buns and a hot dog? 'Cause I got them right here."

"Don't stand in front of me during the fireworks, because you'll out-sparkle them!"

What cheesy pickup lines have you heard?

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