Scientologists May Be Stalking Katie Holmes

Scientology sign

If there's one thing we can all take away from this whole Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise divorce mess, it's don't ever marry a Scientologist. No matter how good looking, rich or famous or how great he dances in his underwear ... just. not. worth. it. On top of a divorce and possible custody battle, members of the Scientology cult may be stalking Holmes around New York, TMZ is reporting. This does not sound paranoid to me. From everything we know about those Scientologists and their beliefs, I bet Katie is pretty up to speed with how the folks operate.


Apparently, people who have photographed Katie have told TMZ that there are mysterious men and vehicles following her around. That totally sounds like something Scientologist might do. Lots of people follow Katie around -- paparazzi, fans, magazines doing stories on her. It's possible it's completely normal celebrity stuff, too.

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Except, let's be real. Scientology doesn't need any help giving themselves a bad name. But this divorce thing is making them look extra out there. If Katie's main reason for getting the divorce is to prevent Suri from getting indoctrinated into that world, as rumor has it, we know there has to be some really scary stuff going on in the inside, which Katie has obviously been privy too.

Not sure what the point is in following her around, except maybe to use their brainwashing techniques to talk her out of a divorce, or even better, to totally erase her memory, preventing her from revealing any of Scientology's secrets. Hey, don't put it past them. Who knows what kinds of gadgets they've got. They don't have access to aliens and have the word "science" in their name for nothing. May the force be with you, Katie.

Are you scared for Katie Holmes? Because we kind of are.

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