My Husband, My Hero, Is Here for Me 'In Sickness'

The producers of It's Cancer, Baby interviewed my husband, Mark as part of the series. However, I didn't see any part of his interview until this Episode, "In Sickness & In Health," aired on the CafeMom Studios YouTube Channel.



One of the things that was surprising for me to hear him say is that he considers me to be a hero of sorts. This is something he had never before shared with me. What's interesting about that is that I consider Mark to be one of my heroes. He inspires me every day, and even more so as I've witnessed him show up and be present for every part of my cancer treatment ... not an easy task sometimes.

I never thought Mark would be the nurturing type ... he didn't strike me as a caretaker. But in many ways, it turns out that he is. He also motivates me, calls me on my bullshit, and basically treats me the same as he did PC (pre-cancer). This combination of compassion, strength and practicality is exactly what I needed.

In the scene where Mark plays guitar for Maggie, I become a bit emotional. What you don't see is that she was very fussy before he started playing. However, once he pulled out the guitar and began playing a riff he had composed, she literally became mesmerized, holding out her arms and watching her father intently. 

Throughout my pregnancy and for virtually every day of  Maggie's life since her birth, music has been a part of her   day-to-day experience. She learned to be soothed by her father's guitar playing when she was still in the womb, and the calming influence of music hasn't changed. 

I hope it never does. 

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Images top to bottom: Katie Walsh, Project Life Media; Brooke Kelly 

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