Fantastic New Study Proves Men Who Do Chores Are Happier

broomsWanna make a man happy? Hand him a broom. Cambridge University analyzed men from seven European countries and found that men who do chores are happier than those who don't. Yup. Those who pitch in around the house have a better work-life balance and an improved sense of self. Research expected to find that women were happier when their spouses did chores, but that wasn't the case -- their happiness did not increase or decrease based on the amount of household help.

So ONCE AGAIN, men get everything. They get to pee standing up, they don't bleed every month, and now they get to be HAPPY about housework. No fair.


But let's turn this frown upside down, shall we? To take advantage of the study, go ahead and start extolling the Cambridge virtues to that certain someone in your life who's still uncertain where the vacuum's kept. You're not telling him for your benefit, you're informing him for his benefit. How magnanimous of you.

The research goes on to say that the link between men's boost in well-being and cleaning is attributed to the fact that they'd rather do the household chores than hear about them. AKA, your nagging is the worst thing ever, and just cleaning the kitchen floor himself without having to listen to you go on and on about it is in itself a mood-boost.


So give your loved one the thrill of a lifetime tonight and let him clean up after dinner and dust the living room. It'll be his pleasure, I'm sure.

How do you manage household chores?


Photo via wayne's eye view/Flickr

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