How to Meet Your Future Husband at Starbucks

coffeeYou'd love to be in love. You're finally ready, the timing is great, and yet ... you have no immediate prospects. It can be tough to make this realization, but here's a powerful practice to integrate into your daily routine. It's an assignment I often give to my personal matchmaking clients, and it works ... like magic.

Trust me on this ...


Yes, I know, it's hard to "get out" sometimes, especially when the idea of hanging in sweats and a baseball cap until noon seems like a really warm, cozy idea. But if the goal is to spend future weekends with a loving partner, first you need to meet and attract this guy. For inspiration, I'm writing this to you from my local Starbucks on this gorgeous, sunny day, where as usual, I see a steady stream of interesting locals floating in and out of the shop.

So ... stop waiting for your true love to arrive -- go out and make it happen! Follow these great tips from our friends at YourTango and maybe you will even find your next true love at Starbucks!

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