Anti-Cheating Wedding Rings Won't Stop Your Husband From Cheating

Wives seem perenially afraid of their husbands cheating. Statistics on how many married men cheat can vary (here's one survey that says 22 percent of married men have cheated at least once), but one thing is clear: No woman wants her man to cheat. And there are a bunch of industries dedicated to "affair proofing" your marriage -- or at least being able to catch the dirty dog in the act. But now here comes an ingenious device to ward off the wandering hubby: An "anti-cheating" ring that literally stamps your man's marital status on his finger like a cattle brand.

The anti-cheating ring is stamped inside with "I'm Married" backwards. If a wayward hubs tries to slip his band off his finger while he's out (without you, presumably), the words "I'm Married" will be imprinted on his finger.

Ooh la la. Faithful husband guaranteed! The ring sounds like the solution to a wary wife's suspicions -- but it's not. Here's why.


1. The "I'm Married" imprint doesn't show up well in the photos -- and could be more unclear in real life. I guess if a straying hubs is under the fluorescent glare of his office, putting the moves on his comely coworker, one could read it. But I doubt any interested female would notice the stamp or be able to read it through the dim lighting and beer-goggles of a bar.

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2. Who is supposed to buy this? If the wife buys it and gives it to hubs, what message is this sending? It's sending the message that you don't trust your husband one tiny little bit -- meaning your relationship is in trouble. Would a husband actually buy this? Uh, sure. Right after he buys the Fifty Shades of Grey box set -- for himself.

3. Guys who are determined to cheat will always find a way to do it. Got a little marital status stamped on your digit? Cover it up with a Band-Aid. "Oh, that? Just a papercut." Wink. Hounds are masters at dogging and they'll wriggle out of any leash you put on them, no matter how tight.

4. Married men get more action. Yep. You know there are actually men who put on a wedding band to get more lady action? Yep.

5. If your guy is so intent on cheating that you need to give him this ring, allow him to cheat. Let the next woman have him and his venereal diseases. Then buy yourself a ring that says, "I'm Free."

Would you buy your husband this ring? What about your friend's husband?!


Image via Cuban Refugee/Flickr

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