Psycho Husband Cuts Off Wife's Lip & Eats It in the Name of 'Love'

lower lipLove will make you do crazy things. It can turn you into a giggling fool just as fast as it can turn you into a tire-slashing lunatic. This story, unfortunately, falls into the latter, effed up category. A well-respected university professor in Sweden has been accused of biting off his wife's lower lip and then eating it. Apparently, the 52-year-old man was so angered by his wife's request for a divorce that he waited for her to fall asleep, then sought revenge. He sliced off her bottom lip so that she could "never kiss again."

And THEN he said THIS:


"I'll get four years, but you're getting a life sentence."

Jesus H. Christ this guy is terrifying. Worst part is, he's right. The max sentence associated with his crime is 10 years, and despite going to a secret location to try and have surgeons repair her all but missing lip, doctors say that the damage she sustained was "permanent."

Hell hath no fury like a Swedish professor scorned. Can you imagine cutting off your spouse's lip, then eating it?? I mean, no wonder the wife wanted a divorce, this man is clearly some sort of sociopath.

There's only so much I'll let slide as a crime of passion, and I draw the line somewhere around minor property damage and scathing emails. The rest is not only inexcusable and illegal, but you know, kind of imbalanced.

Love will make you do crazy things, but self-awareness, common sense, and morality should supersede those impulses. When we lose control of our emotions, we murder dogs or amputate lips. And then we go to jail. So reel it in, people, OK?

What's the craziest thing love's ever made YOU do?


Photo via sectionz/Flickr

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