Singles Are Sniffing Slept-In Clothes to Find Mr. Right in Disturbing New Trend

couple cuddling in bedThese two must like one another's 'scent.'First came online dating, then speed dating, finding a mate (or more likely, a hookup) on your iPhone. Now, the latest trend in snagging a significant other? Going to parties where you stand around sniffing one another's clothes. No joke.

Singles in L.A. and NYC (soon, Atlanta and San Fran) are going to these so-called pheromone parties, where party-goers submit a slept-in T-shirt that will be smelled by other participants. The idea is that attendees' animal instincts take over, and they go for someone whose B.O. they're naturally drawn to. Thought-provoking? Yeah. Could there be some merit to it? Sure -- one party even resulted in half a dozen hook-ups and one relationship. But doesn't the phenomenon still sound utterly gross?! Not to mention that it does kinda wreak of desperation ...


To be fair, there's good research that shows this "pseudoscience" of using scent to score a mate isn't all that bizarre. Studies have shown that we "sniff" out potential partners as sort of an initial, genetic-based screen. And we may prefer the odors of those who have different genetic makeups from our own, but not radically different. Cool, makes sense. Obviously, the science of attraction is linked to our innate desire to reproduce with a fit mate. 

Still, to stand around and sniff one another's worn jammies? Come on! Unconventionalism aside, it sounds incredibly contrived. Wouldn't it be much less awkward and yet, just as effective to attend a generic singles meet-up? You could still be drawn to someone's pheromones (if you get close enough) and not have to contend with the fact that you're only flirting with the guy because you liked his Eau de Armpit. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Would you ever attend a pheromone party? Do you think they sound ridiculous or innovative?


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